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Stocks To Watch: Week of July 29th, 2019


In this section, I’ll cover some of the stocks that are on my watchlist and that might trigger a potential buy/short for the upcoming week.


After posting positive Q2 earnings and beating wall street expectations , the stock surged over 15%. Snap has been on a great run in the past 6-7 months, recovering from it’s low point of under $5 a share back in late 2018. The stock is reaching IPO levels and has a lot of momentum on it’s side. With the other big tech companies like Facebook and Google under pressure for privacy concerns, SNAP could easily continue its great run as investors see tremendous upside.

Thomson Reuters Corp (TRI.TO)

Thomson Reuters has been on a slow and steady run for the past year rising by more than 70%. The stock just hit its 52 week high and is entering unchartered territory just in time for its earnings release which will be on Aug 1st, 2019. Great news for investors is that the company beat earnings in the last 4 quarters which has propelled its stock to all-time high levels. If Thomson Reuters is able to beat earnings again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the stock surpass the $100 mark in the near future.

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ: ZNGA)

Another stock to watch this week is Zynga which reports earnings on July 31st, 2019. The stock is nearing its 52 week high and has been on a great run since bottoming out back in November 2018. If the company reports great earnings, the stock could continue its upwards run and follow suit of other tech companies that had earning beats this past quarter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 5-10% upside with a great earnings report.


This watchlist is not intended as any buy or sell recommendations. Please consult a financial advisor/professional before buying/selling any stocks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.